DOPIA is famous with its famous matured taste and is the diamond in the crown of Aristeon. 

Incomparable olive oil!

Only 5% of olive trees on Zakhyntos island are of the Dopia branch - a vanishing branch consisting only several thowsand - years old olive trees owned by Aristeon factory. 

Qualities are limited so the attention to every detail of olive oil extraction is amazing. 

Product is pressed on even lower temperature of 25 degrees per Celsius with EVO norm 27 degrees. 

Pleasure for connoiseurs of healthy and real food. 

The wonderful taste and health qualities are bottled in beautiful tins. 

Strong antioxidant, healthy and extremely rich on polyphenoles product. 

Delicate texture and aroma.

Acidity: up to 0,8%. Low UV absorbtion.

Gives memorable taste to salads, sauces, grilled meat and fish.

TUV HELLAS, PGI and DIO certified. 

Product added in LOYALTY plan with better rate. 



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