Let’s resume some basic pluses of the real Extra Virgin olive oil.


  1. Real Extra Virgin olive oil has very nice and slightly spicy taste. More and more people all around the world discover its healthy sides.


  1. Мonounsaturated acids that present in big quality in the olive help reducing the weight, especially if replace other kinds of fat. Olive oil consuming helps break down of fat cells in the human body, helps cleaning of belly fats and regulates the levels of insulin.


  1. Мonounsaturated acids combined with the antioxidants in the olive oil help reducing of hearth diseases, diabetes and some kinds of cancer. Support the immune system and lead to longer life.


  1. Some researches show that monounsaturated acids in the olive oil can avoid destruction of the cognitive functions of the brain connected with the aging and to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Olive oil contains A, D, E and K vitamins that help prevent forming of free radicals and cell oxidation that cause early aging. That’ s why Extra Virgin olive oil is main substance in many cosmetic products.


  1. Some researches show that Extra Virgin olive oil consumption during pregnancy can boost psychomotor development of the baby.


  1. Extra Virgin olive oil can act like painkiller and has substances that prevent irritation.


  1. Extra Virgin olive oil can boost the blood circulation and breathing. Boosted blood circulation combined with anti irritating effect can reduce symptoms of many disease, like asthma.


  1. Extra Virgin olive oil contains high levels of polyphenols, vitamin E, carotenoids and chlorophyll. Antioxidants are key factor of boosting the immune system and protection of the whole organism. That reduces the high levels of blood pressure.


  1. Extra Virgin olive oil contains omega – 3 fat acids that help the organism protection too.


Obviously, daily consumption of Extra Virgin olive oil has absolute positive impact over the human body, quality of life and the long life. Extra virgin olive oil can be the basis of every kitchen, not only the Mediterrian one.