0882268693 – this is the phone number for express request to address in Sofia, or prepared for you in our shop.


Delivery for Sofia is made personally by our staff on the same day or latest the next one.


The rate for delivery is 5.00 BGN. If the purchase is on a rate more than 89.99 BGN the delivery is for free.


Our courier is equipped with payment terminal and cash register for both payments in cash or with card.


You will always receive receipt for the items and delivery.


Out of Sofia:


1. ExtraVirgin.BG delivers to whole Bulgaria with Speedy courier company.


2. Delivery is made to address or to Speedy’ s office.


3. The delivery rate is fixed for all our products: 5 BGN to Speedy’ s office or 7 BGN to client’ s address.


4. After requested purchase in ExtraVirgin.BG, the client receives confirmation e – mail.


5. Delivery terms: up to 2 working days.


Method of payment for deliveries in Bulgaria:

 Payment for the items purchased can be done in two ways, in both ways the sum will be the same.


1. With cash on delivery – to the courier when receiving the purchase.


2. With bank transfer.


International delivery:

Prices and times for international delivery:


  Zones Times









Zona 1 Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania 2-5 business days
    EUR 8
    EUR 14
   EUR 18
   EUR 26
Zona 2 Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark 2-6 business days
    EUR 12
    EUR 19
   EUR 26
   EUR 36
Zona 3 Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 6-9 business days
    EUR 16
    EUR 24
   EUR 26
   EUR 33
Zona 4 USA and Canada 10-21 business days
    EUR 21
    EUR 66,5
   EUR 133
   EUR 220


Payment method for international shipping: