Real Extra Virgin olive oil from Aristeon, Zakynthos island

What do you receive:                                  Foundation For The Olive Oil Aesthete /via Google Translate/

Buying this you receive our fresh, exclusive and real Extra Virgin olive product, freshly extracted entirely mechanical by cold pressure in the oil mill of our friend Pepe. In addition you can enjoy amazing culinary combinations of Extra Virgin olive oil with fresh Greek lemon, orange and garlic.

Yes, shortly extracted Extra Virgin olive oil, exclusively for you! In the period October – March.

Because our very special relations with Aristeon, our olive oil comes to your table freshly made at its best aroma, taste and nutrients. Not percolated, not filtered and filled not by machine but by human hands. 100 % authentic product.

This product is made by ultramodern press and experienced technologist – olive oil sommelier, under the supervision of Greek state agency for control of Extra Virgin olive oils (the strictest in the world) , in the half months of the year you will enjoy olive oils made just before 7 – 20 days. The fruity and light bitter taste, the remaining pungency will remain unforgettable memories in your brain – we promise that!

You can always expect by us top quality, but not the same Extra Virgin olive oil every time. The olive oils are gathered and exploited in different periods of the year, and the most normal thing is the taste and color to be different – from emerald green in the autumn to golden yellow in the latest harvest. At least, you buy boutique food in the most natural condition, without chemically controlled taste and color. And how already promised: freshly made product on 7 – 20 days in the half time of the year.

Our philosophy

Our thanks to Arysteon for entrusting us to be represent them in Bulgaria with one of the best olive oils in the world.

We’ ll work for people successful in one or other area, but with one thing the same: the high intellect.

We’ ll show, that filling the truck with some substances during Mediterranean voyages is not good idea, sometimes even can be noxious.

We appeal for stronger control by the Bulgarian authorities, according to when some product is called BIO. BIO products must be BIO for real, and everyone who is cheating with this must be punished severely.

We know that a client can be cheated only once and we do not cheat.

We believe that the good food is the healthy one.

We stand the position not of the manipulated food industry but of the small crafter who’ s making the real Extra Virgin olive oil.

We are happy to take a ride in the world of the olive oils, opening all senses to the rich past of this product, all the time marked with wars for control over the plants.


Our history

 Extra Virgin is a new – built company. We have store in Sofia, district Lozenec, 10 Milin Kamak str. , and the online store on our website ExtraVirgin.BG. Mainly we entrust the direct people – to – people marketing and tto the fact, that once tasted, our olive oil becomes necessary to taste again and again. Do not spare it, pour amply and you receive health and joy back.

The idea came spontaneously during our last culinary voyage in the Greek lands. We were charmed by the beauty of the Castaway Bay and Zakynthos island, and the local olive oil just took our hearts for the so called by Omir and Hippocrates “liquid gold” like never before.

Guided by curiosity and with the priceless help of our friend Pepe we investigated the way olive oil is made – from the restaurant to the factory in Aristeon, visited the museum and got familiar with the owners. Everything then was easy as it always happens when in front of you stand serious and professional people. And, as many locals and some experts say – the best olive oil in the worls, is already in Bulgaria.

The history of Aristeon

 Aristeon – pressing of olive sfor olive oil is a family business, dating as early as the year of 1850. In the very beginning pressing is processed by stone press rolled by donkeys. Part of this press is still in the museum of Aristeon as you can see in our gallery. Later the stone is replaced by metal, and now with hydraulic press.

The product comes from own ancestral olive forest with two breeds of olives: koroneiki and dopia. The olive oil from the second breed is treated as culinary curiosity, as only 5% of the olive plants on Zakynhos are Dopia breed.

The modern vision of Aristeon dates from 2008 accordingly to the modern technologies and the new requirements.

The olive mill is certified by TUV Hellas with the food safety system accordingly to  ISO 22000: 2005. Along with this all stages of manufacture are controlled by the organization for control of producing of Bio products D.I.O.

Video for Aristeon.



3 August 2021
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