1 liter Agourelaio

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  • Brand: Aristeon
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The Greek word Agourelaio literally can be translated literally as immature oil. Among the Greek people Agourelaio is the most valuable olive oil, because of the lower acidity, stronger smell and stronger remaining sharpness. It has bright emerald green color. The extraction is quite low, only 10 percent from 100 kgs. Olives gathered by hand in short period in the months of October and November. It is produces right after the gathering and has short expiry date – only 4 – 5 months. After that it does not get bad, just its benefits reduce.  Agourelaio made from Koroneiki olives is defined as the best, also The king of the olive oils and The champagne of the olive oils. Our company Extravirgin.BG suggests this culinary masterpiece only in the autumn to our VIP clients, who can request it in the whole year here or in our shop. We recommend the online request to be separated from the other.

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